Electric heaters from Scandyment

Our company supplies heaters Swedish company SCANDYMENT AB which was established in 1977. Since 1993 SCANDYMET manufactures electric heaters and heat exchangers own design. Their range we can find various kinds of electric heaters and heat exchangers for various media. Materials for the production of these elements and the heat exchanger are quartz glass, steel, stainless steel, titanium, zirconium, and plastics such as PTFE, and others.

The basic types of electric heaters include:

Tubular heaters
- Series SST (Steel)
- Series SRF (Stainless steel)
- Series SQG (Glass)
- Series SFO (Stainless Steel Heavy Duty)
- Series STI (Titanium)
- Series STE (PTFE)
Flexible heaters
- Series STFX (PTFE)
- Series STIX (Titanium)
- Series SCAX (Stainless steel)
- Series SMSX (Steel)
VAT Heaters
- Series STFP (PTFE)
- Series TIP (Titanium)
- Series MSP (Steel)
- Series SSP (Stainless steel)