Flexible danglers

Special PUR insulation, 6mm thick, directly extruded to a cable guarantees outstanding characteristics of our flexible danglers. Flexible danglers we produce seven cross-sections and in two versions when the contact ending directly pressed or screwed. Contact ending made of material namely, copper, stainless steel  (AISI 304, AISI 316), steel, brass.

Very high resistance to cutting and abrasion. The optimal current transfer through the contact ending. No transfer of chemicals through defective hosepipe. Possibility of drying in the dryer.












How to order it?

Write us e-mail in form of following model:

PUR   01   900   /   95   /   12   -   A

PUR       - Cable protection  

01          - Construction 

900        - Size of dangler

95          - Cross cut of dangler

12          - Diameter of hole in cable lug

A           - Bulb material


01 – Pressed bulb

02 – Screwed bulb 

Bulb material

A – Steel  

B - Stainless

C - Brass (only screwed bulb)

D – Cooper (Cu)