Plating barrels

Plating barrels make for mass galvanic plating of 16px; pieces. 

Barrels are made from polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE500, PE1000). Barrel shell and cover are equipment with suitable perforation according dimension and kind of goods, which is plating in this barrel. Basic dimension goes from inside dimension of hexagon SW. Length of barrel is selected according customer´s requirement.


Gear wheel is welded to barrel shell or screwed through plastic screw to front.

Barrels are completely welded by method „butt welding“, it means that all connected parts are along whole surface melted and mechanically welded under pressure. This way of manufacture guarantees high stability and lifetime.

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  Peforation of barrrel shell

Vertical perforation-vertical perforation with recessing


Diameter of hole from 1 mm.

Note: vertical perforation is recommended for all dimensions. Recessing elevates lifetime of perforation.

Vertical perforation with grooved recessing


Grooved perforation-grooved perforation with recessing


s - (mm) – wall thickness

a - (mm) - horizontal pitch of holes

b - (mm) – vertical pitch of holes 

l - (mm) - lenght of groove


groove width


 Max.wall thickness


Max.wall thicknes with recessing















Types of barrels:

Hexagonal barrels

Type : SW 250 / D380   B0029


 Type : SW 340 / D480   K1077


 Type : SW 380 / D510   B0014


 Type : SW 420 /D570    K1162


Segmental barrels

Type : P340 / D445   A00152


 Type : P395 / D500   SEG500