Plating machine RPB

Plating machine RPB


Plating machine RPB is used for mass plating of 16px; parts.

Plating machine RPB is consisted of plastic tank given size, framework of lifting mechanism, plating barrels, electro-installation and other equipment needed for operation of machine.  This machine is equipped with two electromotors with gear box – lifting electromotor and electromotor needed for turning of barrels. We make the tank in two inside widths. Basic width is 800mm, width of tank 900mm is used where is necessary to place heating elements into tank.


Plating machine RPB is operated only by hand and it´s placed in production where is needless to build up galvanic line. In tank is placed plating bath, where goes to own plating of some parts. Then is the good unloaded on integrated dump, there out it goes on to other technologic processes, like is for example rinsing or drying. It is provided in hand manipulation baskets


Type marking 

 Width lš

 Lenght Ld

 Depth lh

RPB 800/D480 - 800




RPB 800/D480 - 900




Suitable type of barrels : SW250/D340, SW 340/D480, P340/D455

 Here you can see this machine in operation: